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fj_warren [userpic]

In the basket!

February 21st, 2017 (11:23 am)

current mood: curious

S and Z very kindly sent me a postcard of a bijou (miniscule) property the residents of which, at one stage in the house's history, had run a basket making enterprise and produced six children and all in a one up one down property! I'm seriously impressed! Not specifically with the number of occupants but more with the question of: 'When did he find the time to make the baskets?!'

fj_warren [userpic]

Feline Wiles!

February 20th, 2017 (01:42 pm)

Night time migraine knocked me for six so, after a night of getting up every hour almost, I ended up this morning flaked out on the settee. Normally the cat requisitions this space for his own private snoozing activities after his customary night time perambulations so, according to Mr W, he was disgusted to find yours truly dead to the world whilst taking up his space on the settee! However, this cat has a devious nature so he hopped onto my desk and claimed it as his own personal space and thus preventing me from using it! Needless to say I wasn't in any condition to stare a computer screen in the face for a good few hours so his efforts were, to say the least, fruitless but you have to admire the workings of his feline mind! Peace and normality, whatever that is, have been restored as I'm now in the condition known as 'walking wounded' but should I need to flake out on aforementioned settee I can as our little boy has claimed Mr W's chair for his personal use. A sort of 'Sucks Boo' to both of us on his part!

fj_warren [userpic]


January 4th, 2017 (11:40 am)

current mood: pleased

I love fwogs! Because I live in a wet and damp valley I tend to see a lot of them but today some arrived in the post! Yay. Thank you very much and I'm glad the gifts were acceptable - although I did worry about the mints!!!

fj_warren [userpic]

John Berger

January 3rd, 2017 (10:02 am)

current mood: grateful

If you never seen 'Ways of Seeing' you've missed a brain enhancer! Let's hope some fool of a TV programmer decides to put it on again. It gets inside your brain cells like nothing else you've ever known.

fj_warren [userpic]

Seasonal Wishes

January 3rd, 2017 (09:50 am)

current mood: thoughtful

I hope you had a blissful Christmas and New Year (although some appear to have been plagued by the dreaded lurgy) and that 2017 will bring you more than it takes.

Unlike some of my fellow posters the Christmas decorations (which I fought so hard not to have adorning the house prior to Christmas Eve - and failed) will stay in place until 6th January. This might seem strange but it's what we've always done in our family and seems quite a normal thing to do. The 6th January in our family is the date we call 'Twelfth Night' and not the C of E practice of calling the 5th the twelfth day of Christmas. If you consider it the 6th is Epiphany so it marks the end of the Christmastide in a dual manner. When my father was a boy there were celebrations to mark the event in his local town but the world has moved on and there is no longer the same sense of recording the event as in any way a special day. Such a shame because after New Year Christmastide seems to end with a whimper and not a bang as it were.

fj_warren [userpic]

This is the BBC . . .

December 23rd, 2016 (12:18 am)

current mood: embarrassed

To all those who watched Da Sproglet's Mousehole video tonight and heard the running commentary I would just like to say a few words to set the record straight.

As it happens: 'I dussen sound like she - I d' talk fittee'!

Good, that's cleared that up!

fj_warren [userpic]


December 20th, 2016 (11:33 am)

current mood: bitchy

Mr W struggled up and down to the loft last night and then, masterfully, assembled the rather ancient artificial tree that gets called into service every year. On completion I didn't have the heart to tell him it looked a bit wonky and there seemed to be some branches missing! By now the house was full of boxes containing various bits of Christmas paraphernalia so I had two choices - get on with decorating the tree or fall over all the boxes that seemed to be placed strategically in order for me to fall over them!

This morning I gave in - mainly to save my bruised ankles and decorated the tree. I tried I don't know how many boxes of Christmas lights until I found some that worked and wrapped the tree into submission, then the tinsel followed and I deftly filled in the gaps where the lost branches should have been with tinsel, baubles and lights. Mr W inspected it when I finished and gave his approval. Once completed I turned off the lights and checked my computer. Mr W then arrived for his mid-morning cuppa and cake and voiced his dismay that the lights were turned off but announced, with more than a hint of triumph in his voice, that: 'I'm glad the tree is up . . . at last'! I resisted the temptation to throw the cup of tea over him!

To be honest the tree doesn't look too bad - bearing in mind I'm inclined to decorate in the style of Jackson Pollack. As instructed I've also hung cat friendly baubles on the lower branches. 'It's Debo's Christmas too' remarked Mr W sweetly! This from the man who usually forgets to buy me a present!!! This year I might strike lucky though as I've told him I could do with a small pocket torch. He bought some parts off one of his suppliers yesterday and showed me a torch he had bought that he thought might be suitable. 'Look'! he enthused, 'You can twist it in all sorts of directions, and it's magnetic so it will stick to metal, and the beam . . . . .' but I cut short his enthusiastic explanations and told him that as it was the size of a small cannon I wasn't really that interested. 'That's good', he cheerfully announced 'because I can use it in the garage'.

Question: Do you think that he disabled the electric saw on purpose so that I couldn't chop our artificial tree into tiny bits and shove them into his Christmas stocking? Grrrrrrr!

fj_warren [userpic]

I do love you Mr W - but probably for all the wrong reasons!

November 30th, 2016 (12:03 pm)

current mood: amused

Our old hand-made letter box is falling to pieces after more than 30 years of solid service! Mr W hasn't been well so I suggested that if he cut out all the parts for a new box I could screw it together and replace it. Every time you go to retrieve the post a bit more of the box falls off and soon it will collapse altogether.

"No!" he told me firmly, "You can't do that."

"I'm NOT an idiot! Of course I can!" came the feisty reply.

"I can't cut out the wood." he offered lamely.

"Aw. Come off it. It's a simple matter to get out the electric saw, cut out the parts for me and I'll put it altogether." I responded promptly and a little tartly too I might add.

"The saw doesn't work."


I was dumbstruck . . . . "But . . . but . . . it's a new one!" cried I.

Pink faced Mr W then explained that the last time he used it he forgot to turn it off when placing it down . . . .! Now remember readers that the word 'electric' has been used once in this missive!! Yup! You've guessed it - he cut through the cable!

Goodness knows when he was going to own up to it but his: "Easily done." comment fell on stony ground I can tell you. However, since confession time, I do find myself having a good laugh at his expense!

fj_warren [userpic]

An Instinct Short.

November 29th, 2016 (12:26 pm)

There's an article in the news about parents having to pay to go to see their child's nativity play so that the school can use the money to purchase education equipment. The parents are in uproar! Casting my mind back to the horrors of school nativity plays I would have cheerfully stumped up the money not to have to sit through one (or any of them)!

When the beloved Sproglet was made the Virgin Mary for one of those plays her mother had to make her costume!!! Ok - not that difficult. Some other parent supplied the doll for the Baby Jesus. Not only did said doll look like something Popeye had sired but its anatomy had taken a bit of a battering. Subsequently, the Virgin Mary shuffled on to the stage in an outfit that was at least two sizes too big for her (I never said I was a good dressmaker)!! and slumped onto a chair whilst hanging on to the doll for dear life. At this point Baby Jesus lost his head. There was a loud thump as his head hit the stage followed by more thumps as it rolled off it and then proceeded to roll across the floor. One member of the audience corpsed - I won't say who but I imagine you can guess which parent let the side down! Joseph, poor lamb, had one helluva speech impediment and . . . none of us laughed. We just sat there waiting for him to get: "is there any room in the inn?" out. When the shepherds arrived the small one on the end was almost in the wings and off the stage. He scratched continuously and not only that the poor thing had a . . . bit of an aroma shall we say! So you had two other shepherds, three kings, one angel and a distraught husband all trying to speak and/or holding their noses or trying not to breathe. I'm proud to say small Sproglet took all this in her stride and gamely continued giving the impression of a small child hanging on to a doll ((and its head) as if it was a rugby ball and turning a blind eye (and nose) to the third shepherd! The play finished with a rendition of 'Away in a Manger' sung by a motley crew of unmusical children. It brought tears to my eyes . . . for all the wrong reasons.

There were so many concerts - I've tried to forget the agony of most of them but in my latter years I've come to the conclusion that my maternal instinct is decidedly off kilter or, possibly, missing altogether! Most parents would have been pleased as punch to see their little lambs providing entertainment for them where as I hated these events with a passion.

fj_warren [userpic]

I'm still used to it!

October 27th, 2016 (03:36 pm)

current mood: relieved

Just spent the last half an hour pushing a large truck around the yard with Mr W. The last bit I had to do on my own as Mr W was in the driver's seat so he could steer the vehicle where he wanted it to go! Normal day really!

I'm not nicknamed Popeye for nothing you know! Mr W, dear of him, did ask if I was alright after I pushed him and the vehicle over some rough ground and into its parking slot. Perhaps the sight of me almost on my knees and puffing and panting a bit gave him a clue as to how I was feeling!

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