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fj_warren [userpic]

Feline Wiles!

February 20th, 2017 (01:42 pm)

Night time migraine knocked me for six so, after a night of getting up every hour almost, I ended up this morning flaked out on the settee. Normally the cat requisitions this space for his own private snoozing activities after his customary night time perambulations so, according to Mr W, he was disgusted to find yours truly dead to the world whilst taking up his space on the settee! However, this cat has a devious nature so he hopped onto my desk and claimed it as his own personal space and thus preventing me from using it! Needless to say I wasn't in any condition to stare a computer screen in the face for a good few hours so his efforts were, to say the least, fruitless but you have to admire the workings of his feline mind! Peace and normality, whatever that is, have been restored as I'm now in the condition known as 'walking wounded' but should I need to flake out on aforementioned settee I can as our little boy has claimed Mr W's chair for his personal use. A sort of 'Sucks Boo' to both of us on his part!


Posted by: Zoefruitcake (zoefruitcake)
Posted at: February 21st, 2017 12:13 pm (UTC)

Hope the migraine has disappeared without trace now. Not the cat though

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