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fj_warren [userpic]


March 11th, 2018 (07:44 pm)

current mood: amused


My sister did a cream tea at her local chapel and did the jam on top and cream on top versions equally just in case some people preferred the Devon style! The jam on top versions were left on the plate!

fj_warren [userpic]

Brrrrrr. Shock to the system!

March 1st, 2018 (03:43 pm)

current mood: cold

Our downstairs toilet isn't heated! It's on days like this you appreciate the advantages of heated loo seats!

fj_warren [userpic]

Snow snow quick quick Snow!

March 1st, 2018 (11:25 am)

current mood: amused

We're in the bit that caught the beast from the east yesterday so were that part of Cornwall that had disruptive snow. Today Emma will be paying a visit and dumping more snow on the frozen lot we already have!

As we're in a valley the milkman couldn't deliver, there will be no post and no rubbish collection as we're off a minor road which won't be cleared and we're in a valley. Consequently, either road out is an uphill struggle against lying (and frozen) snow so we'll stay at home thank you very much. Needless to say the larder is stacked, the freezer is full and yes I have contingency plans if the electric goes and/if the water freezes. Actually, it's not too bad as we've been here before with bad weather conditions so we don't panic. The only panic stricken face yesterday was the expression on Debo's face (the cat). When he came in from his night-time adventures the garden was all green and pleasant. A few hours later - when nature called - he couldn't believe his eyes! The poor chap looked so bemused it was really funny and watching him trying to walk through the snow without having to put his feet down was even more hilarious. He looked like one of those desert lizards who lift their feet as they cross hot sand!

fj_warren [userpic]

Soft touch or touched in the head?

February 26th, 2018 (11:37 am)

current mood: amused

My disabled friend paid for the wool for the hats I knitted for him and his brother and they were absolutely delighted with them. However, when I saw him on the bus (on a very cold day) he wasn't wearing his new hat but the old fleece one that he had complained was not very warm. On enquiry I discovered that he and his brother were saving their new hats for best! Muggins found some more wool from her stash that had been given to her - right weight, suitable colour and 100% pure wool - and knitted them two more with the proviso that these were their second best hats and were to be worn for twice daily dog walking, bus trips and generally keeping their head warm on cold days! We shall see!!!! Lol.

Did the similar thing for an old gentleman on the bus who has to walk quite a way to get to the bus stop but this time I made him a neck warmer with some thermal wool I had been given. (I do get given a lot of wood in case you are wondering)! He was complaining that his neck always got cold on the long walk back from the bus stop along the country lane to his home. I saw him on the bus on another rather nippy day - NO NECK WARMER! - and yes, you've guessed it! He's saving it for best too!

I give up!

fj_warren [userpic]

A little plea to Mr W!

February 7th, 2018 (04:59 pm)

current mood: frustrated

Thirty years ago I could, twenty years ago I still could, even ten years ago I probably could but I'm getting too d*mn old to push trucks around the yard for you now!!!

(Sighs). As you know how to fix mechanical items with your eyes closed but haven't a clue how to turn the computer on you'll never get to see this so bit of a waste of time writing this I suppose!

fj_warren [userpic]


February 5th, 2018 (04:21 pm)

current mood: cynical

I gave up watching F1 years ago but it had nothing to do with grid girls. More all that silly tyre change business! If I want to see a mechanic change a tyre Mr W will always oblige!

Because you need to identify where the driver of number such and such is on the grid you need to have some person holding the boards but the powers that be wanted to get rid of the grid girls - sign of the times. They've decided now to have 'Grid Kids' instead!!!! Also a sign of the times - Vroom vroom for the paedophiles probably!

fj_warren [userpic]

Not another one!

February 5th, 2018 (09:54 am)
current mood: busy

As some of you know I've been knitting Aran hats of late. Two reasons for that. Firstly, I had a request for one (which became two) and secondly, I've done so much crocheting the joints in my right hand were playing merry hell so I needed to knit and not crochet for a while. The joints in my left hand are now beginning to complain because I've been knitting so much. Why? Well each time I knitted someone a hat a friend/relative saw it and they wanted one. Consequently, I seem to be having a bit of a Aran hat fest at the moment. I keep changing the cable pattern to make it more interesting and then people say: 'I love that colour but could you do me one in that colour but with the other pattern'. So it goes on! I did manage to knit one for myself but I never got to wear it as Sproglet saw it and it disappeared when she went home because she thought her friend would like it!

I've bought myself some crafting gloves and that has helped so my needles are still 'clicking' away but sometimes I wonder if I should take up another hobby!!!

Suggestions, on a postcard, to . . . .

fj_warren [userpic]

If you want to get ahead get a hat!

January 17th, 2018 (03:38 pm)

current mood: worried

Bought some lovely 100% wool because a friend of mine asked for a knitted Aran hat in 100% wool. Managed to get it at a sale price but it still means it's costing me about £8.00 to knit one hat - he wanted two! Quandary: Do I charge him for knitting two hats (two different colours and two different cable patterns) : just charge him the cost of the wool used in each hat or . . . say nothing and take a hit?

I used to knit hats for a mutual friend who was killed a couple of years ago so I'm wondering if the 'it must be wool' man might be offended if I ask for money. The mutual friend was given the hats I knitted and I used wool from my stash (four rooms and counting)!!! plus he couldn't care less (or would even know) what the yarn mix I used was made from so when I found enough wool to make a hat I did as (1) it was useful to him (2) it used up some of my disgusting stash of wool!

Answers on a postcard to: . . . . .

fj_warren [userpic]


January 10th, 2018 (01:56 pm)
current mood: accomplished

Just checked my sister's site where she sells some of my craft items and found I've got another five star review!!! Better get back to the knitting and crochet again!

fj_warren [userpic]

A Prickly Problem

January 2nd, 2018 (12:13 pm)

current mood: annoyed

I don't know where, how or why I got a thorn in the palm of my hand but I did!

When I was younger I removed all prickles and thorns from my dad's hands because my mother had the finesse and dexterity of a boxer still wearing their boxer gloves! I was very good at it - quick, neat, hardly left a mark and, above all, did not reduce my father to a quivering wreck in the process. My mother, on the other hand, would jab away rather in the manner of a craft person felting wool!

Consequently, I resolved to remove the thorn in the early hours of this morning. Brimming with confidence I got started. Insomnia has that effect on you. Two hours and two plasters later I managed, finally, to remove said thorn. See how the high and mighty are fallen!

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