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fj_warren [userpic]

Out of the line of fire!

November 10th, 2017 (03:08 pm)

current mood: impressed

Fascinating little scenario in the garden yesterday. I'm looking out of the kitchen window when all of a sudden all the birds disappeared. Not unusual as something must have alarmed them. My eye was caught by our peanut feeder. A cylindrical metal tube with evenly spaced holes in it for the birds to get hold of the peanuts. Stuck firmly to the side of the feeder was a woodpecker, still as a statue and giving the impression it had been glued to the feeder's side. This could mean only one thing - a sparrow hawk was somewhere in the trees on the bank and the woodpecker was doing his best to keep hidden from his sight! Every so often he moved his head very gently and peered around the side of the feeder and then swiftly brought it back again and remained completely still and rigid as before. He stayed in that position for a good five minutes. When danger was passed he resumed his attack on the peanut holder with a vengeance and wave upon wave of birds returned to the garden to get to the tables and feeders that they had had to abandon for safety's sake!

Most unusual sight this week? A jay and a female pheasant side by side eating on one of our bird tables. They're both very shy but seemed not to mind each other's company in the slightest. Food conquers all obviously!

fj_warren [userpic]

In the shadows!

November 8th, 2017 (01:51 pm)
current mood: busy

I'm still around so don't panic folks. However, I've been really busy making craft items so I haven't had a lot of time to get involved in other things.

Mr W is also thinking of retiring in the New Year. Not sure if this will work as he's a mobile commercial vehicle repairer. A lot of small commercial firms use him as they don't need or don't want to employ a full or part-time mechanic. Unfortunately, the people who do mobile commercial mechanic type work are few and far between (actually non-existent) so Mr W has been kindly offering to 'not leave them stranded' if they can't find any other mechanic to take over from him. Are you all thinking what I'm thinking? Why chase around trying to find another commercial mechanic when the one you've been using all along has promised not to let your firm down! Consequently, my hopes of starting my own retirement, finally, are fast receding into the distance!

Many thanks for post cards about glorious holidays! Btw, what are holidays?!! Lol. That's another thing I was looking forward to as well.

fj_warren [userpic]

And yes I will!

September 27th, 2017 (02:37 pm)
current mood: accomplished

I'll be making him a cake - the well known 70's stand by - Black Forest Gateau! Not my favourite cake but I make one for my birthday too - so he can eat it! This is a neat solution to the possible problem of left over cake although, credit where credit is due, Mr W and left over cake is an extremely unlikely scenario!

I bought him a compact camera for his birthday - he was thrilled with it. After a brief examination he passed it to me and asked me to set it up for him! Lol. After I had cleaned the greasy fingerprints off the screen I charged the battery and then inserted it and the card and set up the time and date function etc. Then I put the camera strap on for him and then . . . I made him take a photograph with it . . . all by himself! Result!

fj_warren [userpic]

Happy Birhtday Mr W!

September 27th, 2017 (01:49 pm)

current mood: annoyed

Yes it is his birthday today - The Big One! No not twenty one or even forty!!! I know he's my toy boy but there's not that much of an age gap. Today he was 65 and he is having a good day apart from one thing. Sproglet's envelope arrived but there was no card in it. It appears to have been ripped open during the mechanical sorting process as it had been stuck down and the card had come out. The Royal Mail very kindly delivered the envelope on it's own in a plastic apology bag which stated if anything was missing or the contents were damaged we could report it. Helpful. Daughter's in tears, Mr W is spitting fire and I'm in the middle of it all. My brother's card did arrive but his envelope was a bit ripped - possibly mice but more likely mechanical - AGAIN!

fj_warren [userpic]

I don't know why either!

September 22nd, 2017 (01:12 pm)

current location: In the Woods
current mood: confused
current song: Teddy Bear's Picnic

I am making crochet outfits for Teddy bears in an assortment of festive colours! Baffled as to why anyone would want to buy one but I have been assured by various friends that they would be much sought after! I'll give you a progress report nearer the festive season - probably around the time Mr W and yours truly start the annual 'Putting up the Christmas decorations' war!

fj_warren [userpic]

Booted into touch - almost!

August 2nd, 2017 (09:31 am)
current location: The Palace Dungeon
current mood: busy

My New Zealand pal suggested earlier in the year that we ought to do a car boot as I have boxes (and boxes) of items that I've made and she reckons I could recoup some of my craft spending by selling them off at a car boot. Great idea! However, since then her ideas about what we (um . . . possibly just me) could make have multiplied. She can't knit or crochet at the speed I can so her suggestions and ideas are directed at me as I can produce the items in a far quicker time frame than she can. I'm frequently to be found waving my hands at her and shouting: "Look! Only one pair!" as she keeps suggesting more things for me to make. It's been really good fun though for both of us but whether we will have time to get to a car boot sale is a moot point as she works at three different jobs and I'm up to my eyeballs running a business and making stuff for sale, for gifts and for charities. If we do get to do a sale I'll let you know - otherwise expect a variety of handmade gifts for Christmas! Mugs hugs anyone?

fj_warren [userpic]

Oh Deer!

May 17th, 2017 (03:52 pm)

We get all sorts of animal life in our garden. Badgers, foxes, squirrels, stoats and a superabundance or smaller mammals! Today, for the first time, I saw a deer. We eyeballed each other in mutual surprise for about ten seconds then it took off. Watch this space! Any sightings of camels, giraffes or zebras will be dutifully recorded!

fj_warren [userpic]

In the basket!

February 21st, 2017 (11:23 am)

current mood: curious

S and Z very kindly sent me a postcard of a bijou (miniscule) property the residents of which, at one stage in the house's history, had run a basket making enterprise and produced six children and all in a one up one down property! I'm seriously impressed! Not specifically with the number of occupants but more with the question of: 'When did he find the time to make the baskets?!'

fj_warren [userpic]

Feline Wiles!

February 20th, 2017 (01:42 pm)

Night time migraine knocked me for six so, after a night of getting up every hour almost, I ended up this morning flaked out on the settee. Normally the cat requisitions this space for his own private snoozing activities after his customary night time perambulations so, according to Mr W, he was disgusted to find yours truly dead to the world whilst taking up his space on the settee! However, this cat has a devious nature so he hopped onto my desk and claimed it as his own personal space and thus preventing me from using it! Needless to say I wasn't in any condition to stare a computer screen in the face for a good few hours so his efforts were, to say the least, fruitless but you have to admire the workings of his feline mind! Peace and normality, whatever that is, have been restored as I'm now in the condition known as 'walking wounded' but should I need to flake out on aforementioned settee I can as our little boy has claimed Mr W's chair for his personal use. A sort of 'Sucks Boo' to both of us on his part!

fj_warren [userpic]


January 4th, 2017 (11:40 am)

current mood: pleased

I love fwogs! Because I live in a wet and damp valley I tend to see a lot of them but today some arrived in the post! Yay. Thank you very much and I'm glad the gifts were acceptable - although I did worry about the mints!!!

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